Going on a 500 calorie per day diet plan is a very highly popular form of dieting taken up by a large number of people is recent time. Its popularity has grown over time and is continuing to grow. Having said this, it no doubt has its own risks and faults but if you are the kind of person that does not mind taking risks when it comes to losing weight the no doubt the 500 calorie per day diet plan is for you!

The best thing about going on a low calorie diet plan such as this is that an individual is able to lose their unwanted extra weight very quickly. A diet plan is considered low calorie when it involves consuming food no more than 1200 calories per day. These diet plans such as the 500 calorie per day diet plan can be risky to carry out without the right precautions taken before going into it. Like anything and everything, a little research and more importantly a little visit to your professional dietician or nutritionist will no doubt lead you on the right track. So if you plan to go on a diet such as a 500 calorie diet then please visit the appropriate doctors for proper consultation.

This article will help determine if a 500 calorie diet is right for you.

It is not a secret that people would lose weight if they burn more calories than they consume daily. Everyone knows that but what most people do not know is the sad and scary fact that a low calorie diet can in fact do more harm than you think. When the body starts to crave more energy or calories, it will start to have a negative impact on your metabolic rate resulting in your body eating away at your own muscles. the reason this happens is because the body wants to convert the muscles into the energy it needs to perform everyday normal activities and since there is an absence of any food in the body, it will just eat away at the muscles. To lose fat in the first place, increasing muscle mass is the first thing that has to happen and with the continuous eating of the muscle mass by the body, this could in turn lead to your body having an overall negative outcome.

500 calorie per day diet plan is recommended for certain people but it all depends on 5 important factors:

SEX: Male/Female

Height: Tall/Short

Level of Activity: How active are you? Highly active/Limited activity

Body Shape: Overweight/Underweight

and finally and most importantly, your overall health condition and fitness status.

For people who are overweight and more or less coming off a usual diet of consuming about 2000 to 5000 calories a day, going about and starting a 500 per day diet plan can be almost like going on a hunger strike towards starvation. All this would only result on your metabolism rate slowing down in order to conserve energy for the body to use.

Once you have started on a 500 calorie per day diet plan, your body starts to get very use to the fact that you are living off very few calories per day. So much so that if you would resort to going back to your original high calorie consumption diet you will gain weight even quicker than before which would only make your situation worse than it was before you started on the low calorie diet.

As men and women are different in many ways, so are their way of food consumption. A typical average women would require a daily intake of 1200 to 1300 calories per day whereas a typical average men would require 1500 to 1600 calorie consumption daily. As you can see a variation of factors must be considered when taking up a 500 calorie per day diet plan so it is only good and very important to consult the proper medical experts before starting on a low calorie diet such as this.

To conclude, with proper care and appropriate medical advice from physicians and doctors, losing weight with a diet plan such as the 500 calorie per day diet plan can achieve weight loss beyond what you even expected. The unwanted weight and fat will come off quicker that you could ever imagine but do not be too hasty as it can also be risky if not done with proper consultation and advise before embarking on such a low calorie diet.

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