Have you ever wondered how to lose weight with no dieting? It is possible, I’ve done it! However, I can cheat a little, I’m a professional hypnotherapist so automatically use my mind to slim my body with no fuss, no dieting and no effort. However, if this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing here are a few of my favorite tips that are more traditional in their approach – and still work.

1. For a few days (especially if motivation is slipping) keep a food diary of EVERYTHING you eat and drink. You’ll probably be horrified at how much stuff you eat and don’t need or want!

2. Think about adding a starter to any meal. Weird I know, but I found if I added a soup or salad before any meal then psychologically I was always partly full before I started the main dish. I’d probably eaten less calories, but felt like I’d eaten loads more! (although do be careful about what type and volume!)

3. When you want to eat for the sake of it think about all the good things you’ve done today. Emotional eating is grounded in negative feelings. Turn those negative emotions into positive ones and you can turn around your eating too – and make yourself feel better in the process! Focus on the little things and start appreciating your input into the day, whether it be with others or what you’ve achieved on your own. Start building this up into a daily exercise; appreciation is always good to hear, especially if it comes from within!

4. Use a smaller plate. Another daft one I know, but nowadays we tend to eat too much. The easiest way to fill your stomach is with your eyes. If you have a large plate you’ll still tend to eat until it’s gone. If you have a small plate you’ll still tend to eat until it’s gone – except you’ll have eaten less

5. ‘No pain no gain’ is a lie! Exercise should NEVER be painful or miserable. All you have to do is be creative with what you do. Trampolining, team games, swimming, walking the dog, and yes, even sex, is all good stuff to get the blood pumping, the heart racing and those pounds dropping off!

6. Do your food shopping AFTER you’ve eaten. Shopping when hungry will almost always mean you buy things you wouldn’t need or want if you were full. Easy, shop when you’re full!

7. Prepare your own food where possible. Extra calories and fat are too often hidden in processed or pre-prepared food so although you don’t have to be an angel about what you eat, at least be aware of what it is you’re eating to avoid thinking you’re being an angel when you’re not!

8. Do whatever you need to do to stop eating those leftovers. Feed them to the dog, put them straight in the bin or cover them with washing up liquid. I don’t care what it is but if leftovers are a problem for you – get rid of them!

9. I know I know I know, easier said than done but it’s still the most important tip I can give you…..eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. If you hate breakfast, skip it! If you want chocolate cake for lunch instead of a sandwich, eat it! If you only want half the tuna on your salad, only eat half! Learning to listen to your body will help you increase your own awareness, take control and make informed choices about your health and weight without beating yourself up

10. One that may be unique to me but worth a go? I ended up buying very cheap chocolate to keep in the house. When I was desperate I would eat it, but after a couple of chunks I’d realize that it was pretty disgusting and would leave it. I can now quite happily have this chocolate in the house but it lives in the baking drawer and I’m never tempted. How can you apply the same sort of principle in your house?

Written by Elizabeth Mansfield http://www.help-me-lose-weight-now.com

Source by Elizabeth Mansfield

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