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Cupcake #6: Start Being Mindful Today

If you’re a subscriber (and have been reading our “cupcakes”) then you’ve noticed that Nikki and I always sign off with “Be mindful. Be healthy. Love your life.” I want to chat a little about that mindfulness part. All positive change requires it. I learned a long time ago in my career that what youContinue Reading “Cupcake #6: Start Being Mindful Today”

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Cupcake #5: My Annual Beachbody Breakdown

Something that’s very important to know about me is that I love the beach. It’s where I find myself most at peace. The tranquility of the waves and the soft touch of the sea breeze is something that just takes me away from all of my problems. Well, most of my problems. The challenge forContinue Reading “Cupcake #5: My Annual Beachbody Breakdown”

Nikki's Journey Saturday Stretches

Cupcake #4: Why you should start stretching before it’s too late

Growing up as a year-round athlete, I’m no stranger to stretch circles. You know, the ones where the team gathers before a match and pretends to do a lot more stretching than they are actually doing? Maybe this wasn’t the case for everyone. But it was the case for me. I was lucky when IContinue Reading “Cupcake #4: Why you should start stretching before it’s too late”

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Cupcake #3: That time I did a 3 day juice cleanse

It’s funny, because over the years I have become someone who does things, that I swore in a million years I would not do. Truthfully, I used to judge myself for it. Like the fact that I started to drink Starbucks coffee. And wear yoga pants. And did a juice cleanse. Looking back on itContinue Reading “Cupcake #3: That time I did a 3 day juice cleanse”

Nikki's Journey Sunday Funday

Cupcake #2: The best 5 ways to conquer the drunk munchies

We’ve all been there. Had a few too many drinks and then decided the best solution was to mow down on fast food or cereal or whatever was eye-level in your pantry when you got home. There’s something about alcohol, when I am *just drunk enough* that convinces me that I am hungry, even ifContinue Reading “Cupcake #2: The best 5 ways to conquer the drunk munchies”

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Nikki’s Health & Fitness Journey

Well, hello there and  welcome to Weight Loss Cupcakes! While the name is admittedly quite appetizing, it’s also a little misleading if you’re looking for a foolproof way to get fit. The (sad) reality is that there really is no “easy” way. In fact, it can be a lot of trial and error. Everyone’s bodiesContinue Reading “Nikki’s Health & Fitness Journey”