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Cupcake #7: Upping your probiotic intake with 3 yogurt alternatives

This article is being written not only to educate others, but to hold myself accountable to healthy best practices. For as long as I can remember, I have had stomach issues. When I was younger it wasn’t as substantial, probably because I was able to burn calories much faster. But as I’ve matured and grownContinue Reading “Cupcake #7: Upping your probiotic intake with 3 yogurt alternatives”

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Cupcake #6: Start Being Mindful Today

If you’re a subscriber (and have been reading our “cupcakes”) then you’ve noticed that Nikki and I always sign off with “Be mindful. Be healthy. Love your life.” I want to chat a little about that mindfulness part. All positive change requires it. I learned a long time ago in my career that what youContinue Reading “Cupcake #6: Start Being Mindful Today”

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Cupcake #5: My Annual Beach Body Breakdown

Something that’s very important to know about me is that I love the beach. It’s where I find myself most at peace. The tranquility of the waves and the soft touch of the sea breeze is something that just takes me away from all of my problems. Well, most of my problems. The challenge forContinue Reading “Cupcake #5: My Annual Beach Body Breakdown”